Sunday, September 28, 2008

Excuse the sloppiness of the last post. I'm still learning:)
Well, this week was not "quieter" as I had hoped it would be. It actually was quite busy. Here is a little glimpse of what went on in our little world.

Thursday, we went to Stuckeys Farm. We picked apples, looked at bees, took a wagon ride, and the kids (and Lisa Franklin) did a corn maze which was supposed to take an hour. I think it took them 3. Meanwhile, there were no benches to sit on while the rest of us waited. So we sat on the good ole dirty, dusty ground:] I think the kids had fun though.

If we told them all to play on this, they would

have said it was babyish, I'm sure.

The kids were thrilled to have this pic taken, can you tell?
I guess the maze was really this complicated.

They had clues to look for. The boys won.

Our wonderful seats for waiting.

Apples, apples , apples!!!

Fri. and Sat. were spent in Fairmont at the James Dean Festival. The church is raising money for a parsonage. We helped and garage saled.\;} Tyler, Shane, and Jesse Hales took cookies over to the car show, which was huge, and did pretty well.There was a parade. These are pics from that. The end came right by the church.The Colts mascot was posing for the picture.What's a parade without clowns:} There were some really creative bikes.This car had over 38,000 pennies on it!!!

Usually, you are not supposed to touch the vehicles. The guy that owned this one let Shane and Tyler sit in it.

We also had a birthday party Fri. evening and could have gone to a harvest party and another B-day party. Today the church had a dinner. All and all, it was a very full week. Next week looks to be the same. Hope to see you all at Old Fashioned Day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I found this on someone elses blog and loved it!

Our days have been very full this last week. There is school everyday, of course. Then on Wed., Nikki had Girl Scouts. This week we went to a musuem in Alexandria. It was pretty interesting. Then we rushed to church. Thurs., I got ready for a garage sale at my sister in laws house. That was Fri. and Sat. . Add in a lock in at UBC and Walmart, combined with a little housework, it made for a busy week. This one is looking quieter, so far:] Yesterday, I mowed most of the yard which takes 3 or 4 hours total. David and his dad built a much need rabbit house last night and tonight. His mom and dad had supper with us tonight. Hope you all have a wonderfull rest of the week! I'll leave you with a few pictures.

Lounging Tyler

Nikki aka Miss Drama Queen

Oh to live the life of a kitten! The Queen of the Bed