Thursday, December 23, 2010

HaPpY 13th BiRtHdAy Tyler!!

Happy Birthday to a great son! You're a very helpful person, when you want to be.:)

You've grown up alot this last're taller than're voice has think more grown up....
But you can still be silly....and you love to bug your sister. :)

Hope this year is an awesome one for you! Keep Jesus first. We love you lots.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Simpler Time

Christmas time has arrived once more and this year I decided to try and go simpler with my decor. Now if you ask my sister, she will say she doesn't think it looks that way. But I did less than I normally do and didn't hardly decorate outside.

I will do a post later of my Christmas decor for the last 2 of you that I have reading.:) It's nothing special....

Besides, the whole reason we celebrate is because of the babe in a manger. His time was a simpler time. He didn't need lights or trees to celebrate His birth. He had the Angels!

Let's enjoy the season without all the stress of I have to get this person something or this person or this.... Not that I don't LOVE to shop and buy for people! The economy has kinda "made" me go back to a simpler time. Less gifts, more celebrating.

The snow helps set the scene for the Christmas season. Here, it's been snowing and blowing the last couple of days. Today, it's just sunny and down right cold.

It makes for a beautiful picture as this snow drift does....when taken from inside the house...

I enjoy the beauty as long as I don't have to spend too long outside in it. Have a great day everyone! Try and stay warm and remember the times when things were a whole lot simpler.