Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun times

Today we had a new adventure. Nikkis Girl Scout Troop (which consists of 4 girls , one of which was not there) is working on their self defense (I think) badge. One the girls is in karate so the karate people:) agreed to give them a lesson. It actually was very helpful and the guy says they want to do a follow up lesson since the girls didn't get a full hour. Nikki really enjoyed it. It was all about moves to protect yourself in case something bad would happen. I told her she is not allowed to practice on her brother;} These are some pics from her lesson.

After we were done, I went and got Tyler and the rest of the Smith kids and we went to the park. They played on the swings and stuff and I took some pictures of them with my phone because my camera battery had died. Then we went for a walk. Miriam, the youngest, was walking with me and we were looking for leaves, nuts, and nature stuff. She was gathering little violets and she said "This is like an adventure". I said something about needing a bag for the leaves and she said she didn't need one, she had pockets! Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Heroes

Since moving to our little piece of country 6 mths. ago, we haven't had problems with mice(that I can remember. I block the bad things out of my mind:)). We've had problems with flys and beetles and ants, but not mice. When we were working on the house we got rid of quite a few, but I haven't seen any lately until yesterday... I walked into the kitchen to find our inside kitty staring very intently under the stove. Now she has never caught a mouse in her life as far as I know. She is declawed and fat and IF she actually was face to face with one, she would probably just play with it. BUT, she let me know and I let David know! He came in and moved the stove as we all watched. Sure enough, a tiny mouse tried to run away! AAAA!!! I went out and got one of our outside kitties, which are very good mousers, and plopped her down behind the stove. David moved the stove and out ran the mouse! It took Wee One a second to grab it and then she sat there like ok, now what do I do! We opened the door and she ran out and I'm sure had a good, hot meal. Yuck! But I was happy that the mouse was gone. Now Kee Kee is staring at the food cabinet and I think we are in for a very long winter of catching and cleaning up after mice:{
The Finder
The Catcher

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello! Anyone out there?

Just wondering if anyone was around!? Haven't heard from anyone. Gettin' kinda lonely;(

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I "tortured" (so they thought) my kids into a photo session today. I wanted some fall pics before it got to cold. It was still chilly. The poor kittens in this picture were shivering:{ The cameras batteries died and I had to charge some to finish and by then, it was cloudy and chillier! Enjoy!

I know...odd things for a blog

Just a tip for if you have ugly chairs(got at a yard sale for $10 for 4). These are cloth napkins pinned on the sides and made into "chair cozies"!] Now I need to figure out what to do with the seats....maybe towels?! My sister said I should blog about my bathroom window. It is in the shower and I needed a way to cover it. I used decorative glass pieces from the dollar store and clear waterproof silocone to stick them on. Works pretty well.I added some to the mirror to match. I want to white wash the cabinets eventually.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This is what happens when you don't blog often. Major picture overload. This is for those of you that enjoy looking at pics of my boring life:} She was in the process of meowing, which sound like a squeaky door opening. Don't know what's up with that.
This warms me up just looking at it:] It FEELS even warmer!

The little ones are getting bigger and bigger. Still have 3 available:}
This is what my kids have been doing these last few days. Notice Tylers helmet when Nikki drives:}
They were "exercising" the dog. Don't see any dog, do you?See, they CAN be nice to each other!

Front of the house fall decor.
I thought this looked neat. It's looking out my front door.
Sunset in the country. Pretty, eh?!
Sorry about the blurry picture. I couldn't figure out how to get it off. It is a picture of a spider we saw while cleaning the yard. It was bright orange. Kinda pretty for a spider. Hope it wasn't poisoness, I couldn't find it after I tried to get a pic of it:[ (Don't know how to get this off of italics. I accidently pushed something!)
Have a great week!

Covered Bridge Festival

Every year, my sister and I go to the Covered Bridge Festival. We don't spend alot of money, but have fun being together. Listening to Christmas music, getting Burger King on the way, seeing what the new "popular sale item" would be (I don't think we found on this year), and of course sharing the wonderful food:} Thanks for the good time again, Cassandra! The drive there is really pretty. I guess I'm like my dad in taking scenery pics.

"The Bridge"
Lots and lots of people and things!

Long time no blog. I've been having issues with the computer AND the internet so I've just been reading everyone elses blogs. Besides, my life isn't as interesting as some of you alls:} Here are some pictures from our life in the country.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Davids 35th B-day

Tomorrow is Davids 35th Birthday!! Happy Birthday!! I love you! It is also our 17th anniversery on Sunday. David was 18 and I was 20. Oh to be that age again!}
I know. We look lovely, don't we?{ I hate my picture taken!!
As you can see, our animals keep us entertained:] First kitty to open its eyes. AAAWWWW!!!
The dog likes to fetch the bat. Isn't that a little mixed up?!
Wee one is wanting the bird really bad:]

Fall Decor

Here are a few pics of my fall decor. Gotta love my apple green kitchen walls. I do;}