Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sorry about the lack of posting. It's been BEAUTIFUL around here this week and I have been trying to get some things accomplished. Beside, I'd rather be OUTSIDE than IN unlike my kids. So I am trying to get projects done outside AND in. Although, I might say the inside gets kinda neglected in warm weather. We had a mouse fiasco this last weekend which had me bleaching EVERYTHING in the lower cabinets and drawers! Will blog on that later...maybe.:) Took pics and everything! Just in case. Good news is the mouse is dead....bad news is the cats were no help!:(

Gonna go for now. I just can't think to post. I have the windows open and the breezes that are blowing are smelly. But I don't care! It's BEAUTIFUL out! I leave you with a picture (because what's a post without one) of the Jupiter Lighthouse in Jupiter, FL. that I took last year. Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you for your comments on what I should do with the cabinet. I think WHITE it is. That is what I originally thought, but I am REALLY bad at making decisions! Now, all I have to do is get the paint, unload the cabinet, sand, and paint! Wallah! Okay, do I have any volunteers?:)

Now, to get your opinion on recovering a couch, decorating a dull living room, to paint or not a dresser,.......see a PAINTING theme going on here?

I leave you with this picture of a sunset across the field. And how do I know it's a SUNSET instead of a SUNRISE, you ask? Because I don't see very many sunrises considering I am not much of a morning person. I am doing better though. Have a LOVELY day!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Decorating help, please!

I have this cabinet which I very much need for storage. I am debating on painting it. I know the knobs need to be changed also. I don't know whether to go white or black....or just leave it. I think it needs to blend in better since my kitchen is small. I just need a few opinions. I thought about painting my walls a more neutral color, but since they were just painted, I'd better not. They do need a second coat though. I think the black would give it a little more....I don't know. I'm thinking green , black, red, blue, and white for colors. Still working on it. Gotta figure something out. And, yes, the trash cans are full.:) Just keeping it real!

Here's a picture facing the other direction. We have a microwave to put above the stove. The stove is a bisque color. We got a good deal on it so you take what you can get and I like it. It has a smooth surface for cooking. I also need to paint and cover the chairs. I use a bench for the outside because it makes it easier to work on the table if I need to. Also, makes it seem less crowded. The bench was a curb side find. I like to keep the counters clear of stuff. Any way, that is what I need help on.

I'll leave you with pics of my lilacs which are blooming now. Wish we could enjoy them more. The sun is actually peeking out right now!!! Rain, rain, go away......:)

Also the dandilions have taken over the yard! Don't you just love all the signs of spring!