Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ever had days like this?

"Excuse me, can't you see I'm busy here?" I have lots I could write about, but just can't get in the mood to do it! Know what I mean?!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I think I've found myself a new job!)

Since it was a "nicer" day, we decided it would be a good day to do some outside work. That is were I found my new job!

David was using this to bury stumps and make holes and things and I thought it looked like fun. He used to run something like this for his job...which most of you know. I told David that "I wanted to play". So he taught me how to use it. Notice I keep calling it it!) I do not know it's proper name. I think it's a mini excavator. Anyway, I had fun learning and actually managed to dig a hole! Yeah me!

David took this so you could see I actually ran it myself:)

Now Tyler is a "chip off the old block". This was his first time to use it and he did great! A see a career in the future!

He said "See, it pays to play video games"! He has a construction computer game and maybe a playstation one also. He loved it when his dad worked construction!

Of course, David did 99% of the work because he is good at it and LOVES construction work. Just not the LONG hours that comes along with it sometimes.

Anyway, our yard is looking alot better, except for all the mud. Lots of grass planting in the future! Can't wait to get it done! It will take a while.

Nik is not into construction and was inside doing this...taking pics of herself:) Well, not all the time.

On a sad note, our friend is leaving us:( Can you see the sad faces?) Mater was going to need too much work so they decided to sell him and find something that doesn't need so much. At least, we get more space in the garage:) I'll miss that heap of junk...I mean wonderful piece of history:) Actually, it wasn't bothering me. I was kinda excited to see it finished!

Well, enough rambling. 3 post in 3 days. A record for me! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Encouraging signs

There were a whole lot of these in my yard! That makes me think spring is really close! Yeah!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's a post, none the less!

We've been busy with a whole lot of nuthin' lately. We took in the circus with family last Thursday. Friday-lockin, Saturday-B-day party, Sunday-church.... Getting the picture?) I've added a few pics because I don't like to have a post without them.

Cody, Tyler, and Kyle waiting for the "action" of the circus:)

Nan, Nik, and Leeza just cheezin'!

This was funny! They dressed poodles up and they came out hopping like little people:) There were many other costumes.

What's a circus without elephants!

This was a little nerve racking. One lady fell. They walk/roll the balls up the ramps, then come back down backwards doing the same thing! Not something I would try. I don't like the pain of falling:)

The beautiful tigers. These people make them look like kitty cats:)

This is what I found when I went looking for signs of spring.

My lilac bush is ready to go!) I can't wait for a huge bush of beautiful smelling lilacs!

Another sign that spring WILL come eventually. Although, it doesn't feel like it today!

Tyler worked very hard on setting these dominoes up and wanted me to put this on my blog. They feel down pretty good. Just not how he wanted them too:)

Well, hope you have a delightful weekend! TA, TA for now!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Warning! Lots of pictures ahead!)

It's been a long time since I've posted pics so this has lots. I will try to make the words short and sweet. February was a very busy month. Thought I'd start with a cool picture of the drifts we had at our house since we're having a "heat wave":)

Tyler made this cone shaped thing out of snow...obviously:)>

Then there was Monster Jam at the new Lucas Oil Stadium. What is Feb. without it! Even though your in the top row nose bleed section. Tyler had fun anyway and that's all that matters.
This is on the way to Florida in Kentucky. They had a major ice storm that wiped out electric for a lot of people for several weeks. It was very pretty although lots of trees were damaged.

This is the way Tyler likes to travel. A movie and something to do at the same time. Remember how we used to travel?

AAAHHH! The beach!! Need I say more?!?

Don't exactly know why this didn't flip. This is a self picture of Nik at the beach. She would have went everyday if we would have let her. She loves water!!

These are the awesome trees that line the road to the beach. I've always wanted our picture taken next to one but have never got it done.

There is a private beach that you pay to get into and this is the walkway leading down to it. As you can see, we've already been down there:)

This pelicun? was "poising" for pictures on the beach. When we were done taking pictures of him, he flew off.

The moon on the beach. Isn't it gorgeous?! I took this the night we went back after dark to look for Tylers glasses. Which we found, by the way. It was like God just laid them on top of the sand for us to see!

This is Pa in the kitchen. Don't know exactly what he's doing at that moment.

This is Jim Zimmerman. One of our "bosses" in the kitchen:) At least, he thinks he is. He is great fun to work with.

Amanda, my beautiful niece, who had her 16th birthday while we were in Florida! Look out Colorado!) Just teasing! She is a really good driver.

Nolan, my crazy nephew! It's hard for me to get a "not crazy" picture of him.

Sis. Yearian? helps alot in the kitchen. Very sweet lady.

Bro. Yearian? helps out ALOT too. He was in the hospital when we left FL. It was possibly a heartattack, but then they thought not. Hope he's ok.

This is our real "boss". My sis in law, Amy. David is the assistant cook. It's a hard job, but she is really good at it. She is great organizer and cook.

This is Trent and his girl. We have seen him the last few years in the kitchen. He is a student at Hobe Sound and does a really good job with the dishes! That's why I don't mind cooking there, because we have someone to do the dishes. The part I DON'T like!

My mind is blank as to what this lady's name is... She is over the volunteers this year. A very, nice lady. I just can't remember her name! I will try to put it in if I remember.

One of the canals on the property. Isn't it pretty! The kids saw manatees, but I only saw the top of one.

The GORGEOUS Florida sunset!

We got home on a Monday and David and I left out VERY early that next Saturday morning for Missouri. The school David graduated has a basketball tournament and alot of people he went to school with were going to be there. Thanks to Facebook. It was a long trip in a short amount of time. Saw old friends and met new ones. It was great for just the 2 of us to get away. We don't do that often. Thanks to Cassandra and Brad for watching the kids on such short notice!

This is Mike Wallace and his wife. David graduated with him. I'm sure to these people I've changed. Not only in weight:), but I used to be VERY shy! Not so much any more.

This is Micah Bryant and his wife Marla. It is my bro in laws bro. David graduated with him also. And it's his birthday today. Along with my bro in laws. Happy birthday Nathan and Micah!

This is Natalie and Madi Herring. Seth Herring used to work with David at Firm. They live in Kansas now and were visiting her sister. Isn't Madi adorable!?! I think she was giving me Precious Moments eyes:)

The guys and some girls played ball for 5? hours! I think they thought they were young again. David didn't look so young getting up the next morning:) I was bad and laughed and laughed at him walking crooked!

Well, that ends our journey of the past month. Hope you weren't too awful bored. I am anxiously awaiting spring so I can work in the yard! Also, that brings on the need to organize and clean and rearrange. Have a great week!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New background

This one is a little easier on the eyes. Still a little busy, but definatly easier on the eyes.

Hope your week is going great.