Monday, April 27, 2009

Change in process

I'm in the process of changing backgrounds, but I need to go enjoy the beautiful day. That is, if I don't get blown away! Boy, is it windy here!!!!! Have a great day!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Favorite things ;)

I LOVE being outside! That is why spring is one of my favorite seasons! I have wanted a pair of rain boots for a LONG time. These were on clearance at Walmart and I thought Nik and I would share because she LOVES to go out in the rain. She wasn't as excited as I was. That's ok because then I'll get to use them more!) Also, I get a new pair of gloves every spring. They are just cheapy ones, but that's ok too. Now, to get ambitious enough to get something done. The sunshine helps! Only, then I think of all the things I WANT to get done and feel overwelmed! Oh well. Enjoy your day!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm you missed me!)

I got tired of looking at a fat cat every time I signed on so I decided it was time to update. Although, I don't know many people who read my blog, I appreciate the few who do. So here it goes....This is just a mixture of stuff that is not really in time order.

One day, Tyler decided he was going to "teach " Nikki to parallel park...since he IS an expert in that area. He set up the cones and even gave her "cars" to park between! It was too funny. The mower was their car, of course. Tyler tried and did pretty well....because, of course, he is the teacher. Nik did ok. She only hit the "cars" a few times! :) Such fun!!

We stayed for lunch at church on Sunday and the girls were taking pictures. I'm sure that neither one will be happy that I put this on here! Or they may never know!

They took this one of the Tyler and Shane. Nikki thought they looked like brothers, twins, or something. They do kinda.

Had to throw a picture of my guy in here. Love him lots!!! I'm sure he won't like this picture either.

It took me a long time to get decorated for easter. I have not been in the mood to do much extra. I want to but I don't. Make sense? Anyway, I love spring! This is the chalk board in my kitchen.

Kinda unfinished shelf in the kitchen, of course. It needs some lilacs....which have not bloomed yet. Can't wait! I have 2 big bushes and 1 little bush of them! I got the sign...which you can't see the dollar store and replaced the twine with ribbon.

The shelf above my stove. The baskets were also from the dollar store. They hold spices and pot holders. I love the color!

More blue things on my fridge. The egg was made by Tyler. Only 2 eggs were decorated this year.:( My kids are growing up.

My easter bunnies on the entertainment center.

Tyler got his puppy! His is the one on the camo. The other is Niks. We are hoping for smaller dogs, but never know since they are mixes. They're the best kind anyway, so I've heard

I don't think my animals know they are any different from each other. This kitten seems to LOVE these puppies. Actually, vice versa!

Lastly, the girl scouts went to the vet for a field trip to earn a badge. It was quite interesting! I think they learned alot.

Sorry, this wasn't a well written, interesting post like some peoples. I'll try to do better next time, k? Oh, and a Happy Easter to you! Remembering the reason Jesus died on the cross and rose again....