Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm back!!

Probably wasn't missed but I thought it was time to update. Alot has happened since I last blogged. I celebrated birthday #40, my hubby and I celebrated 20 years of marriage, we found out we were expecting a lil one, my hubby got a job in Colorado, and we made a huge move...all in a span of a month and a half. WHEW!! Life is crazy!

Things are alot different here. We have leased a place with 30+ acres but haven't moved in yet due to some work we're doing there. It's a dryer climate and we will be living in a valley. Snow doesn't happen too much here. We will have irrigation so we're going to attempt growing hay or something. I have country, just a different kind of country.

I'm surviving....meaning I'm still really homesick for my Indiana people. After living there for 40 years, it's harder to adjust, I think.

Our little girl is due in May. Can't wait to see her! We're all very excited. Although, I found out at a crazy time of life, I wouldn't change it.

And there you have a brief update. Hopefully, I can find some interesting subject to blog on other than my life to keep readers. Have a great weekend!!