Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm back!!

Probably wasn't missed but I thought it was time to update. Alot has happened since I last blogged. I celebrated birthday #40, my hubby and I celebrated 20 years of marriage, we found out we were expecting a lil one, my hubby got a job in Colorado, and we made a huge move...all in a span of a month and a half. WHEW!! Life is crazy!

Things are alot different here. We have leased a place with 30+ acres but haven't moved in yet due to some work we're doing there. It's a dryer climate and we will be living in a valley. Snow doesn't happen too much here. We will have irrigation so we're going to attempt growing hay or something. I have country, just a different kind of country.

I'm surviving....meaning I'm still really homesick for my Indiana people. After living there for 40 years, it's harder to adjust, I think.

Our little girl is due in May. Can't wait to see her! We're all very excited. Although, I found out at a crazy time of life, I wouldn't change it.

And there you have a brief update. Hopefully, I can find some interesting subject to blog on other than my life to keep readers. Have a great weekend!!


Becky said...

Missed your updates, but really knew what was going on in your life. I'm just that way. I have an inside scoop on what goes on in your life!! lol Look forward to hearing more, cause since you've moved the scoop has been removed somewhat.

Leah said...

I am glad you are updating your blog again! I enjoy reading it! COngratulations on the move, the baby and all the rest! :)

The Dickinsons said...

CONGRATULATIONS on everything; birthday, anniversary, but most of all your BABY!!! =) What a surprise to read about your new little pink bundle coming in May! That's awesome! I'll be praying that you have a great pregnancy!

Thank you for your super sweet comment. It was fun hearing from you!


Cassandra said...

I'm very proud of you guys. So many huge, life changing things in such a short amount of time and still "mostly" sane. hahaha
No, really...I am proud of you all.
Love you guys <3

Sharing My Thoughts said...

Hey Girl! Updates on your life.......that's what we want!!! :-) Especially since you're so far away. Pictures of your home, outside, animals, your kids, you and hubby, etc. :-) Tell us how you're doing with your pregnancy and just anything you're doing.

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment. And for the suggestion of a church service. I was trying to figure out what to put on the Sunday PM of May 5th for there is a pastor that has an idea pending for us that service. However, we are hoping to get into the church you mentioned, just have been running tooooo fast to get the phone call made. Hopefully we can do that today.
God bless y'all and can't wait to see your new little baby girl. How FUN! I know our SURPRISE baby girl is such a BLESSING and JOY to our lives! =)

The Dickinsons said...

Yes, Mindy, I was so SAD when I was talking to Anthony Arnold last night (whom we haven't seen since our AZ days and we were so HAPPY to see) that your husband was here but you were still out west. =(

So sorry I missed you...but we'd LOVE to have you come over to visit our service here at Daddy and Moma's church. I'd love to see you!! =)