Monday, May 9, 2011


Remember the sofa and loveseat that I was going to get and it didn't work out?? Well, God gave me a "handful on purpose" as our pastor says. We were gifted with them both. See, God supplies not only our needs but our wants...which this was both. :)

Hope your Mother's Day was a relaxing one. Mine was and it was such a beautiful evening, I convinced my hubby to take a walk with me. Have a great week evcryone!!


Peggy B. said...

Lets see!!!!!!!!

The Dickinsons said...

So glad you got the loveseat and sofa! That is awesome of Jesus! =)
I don't have FB but a friend told me about what happened to Mike B. in IN and said he was kin to y'all? I have been PRAYING HARD for him and his family! Glad he's back, but I'm sure we still need to cover him with our prayers!